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Enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of the old town quarters “SASSI DI MATERA” and the adjoining Murgia Materana.  Cavehousesrock churchesprehistoric villages and rock hewn farmhouses will be discovered at every corner of your relaxing walk into this wonderful landscape..

I offer guided tours in english throughout the Sassi, in the Natural Regional Parck of Murgia Materana and Rupestrian churches, in the sorroundings, in The Basilicata  Region.

UNESCO city, European Capital of Culture for 2019the third oldest city in the world, Matera and its Sassi are waiting to show you the long way that humans have done since the dawn of civilization to the present.

The Sassi of Matera are the most outstanding, intact example of a rupestrian settlement in the Mediterranean region, perfectly adapted to its terrain and ecosystem. It is a city completely carved into the rock, a set of cave dwellings superimposed on each other. The ancient town, situated in the area of Murgia plateau, grew in height on one slope of the ravine, called “Gravina” created by the river of the same name that is now a small stream. Since the dawn of civilization until the twentieth century, in the Sassi humans have always lived in grottoes. The first inhabited zone dates from the Paleolithic, while later settlements illustrate a number of significant stages in human history. Cave dwellings have changed their forms, they have evolved, adapting to the needs of their inhabitants, but they have always marked the existence of Matera’s people. That’s why the SASSI of MATERA represent a work of art created with the participation of hundreds of thousands of artists, its people, united by a common goal: to live of what nature gave them.

The rupestrian city of Sassi covers 30 hectares and is composed of districts “Sasso Caveoso”, “Sasso Barisano” and Civita. Along the many alleyways you can linger to see what remains of the ancient bakeries or of the cisterns, so important for the channeling system to collect rain water. A net of channels through roofs and alleyways and cisterns in every house and neighborhood, an important example that show us how people was able to live in places lacking of water developing a creative and efficient system to collect rain water. The Sassi are considered one of the most ancient city in the world and certainly the only one continuosly inhabitated since paleolithic age till today. So, in a way, visiting Matera means “retracing the story of humans” in an amazing and suggestive scenary.

English guided tours

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English guided tours in the “Sassi di Matera”. For reservations contact me please to number phone 3297917056 or send me a mail to info@sporteambiente.it

Everything in the Sassi seems to be static and anchored to a past expressed trough the rock. Everything is rock. Forms could change, but the essence remains the same, it’s present and spread everywhere. In spring and summer  the Sassi take on a nuance of colours remembering the Mediterranean landscapes and Saharan deserts. While in autumn and winter they blend with the sky and the surrounding area with a grayish-brown color. Everything is enveloped by a sense of inevitability, incomprehensible and romantically melancholy.


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